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Recycled stained glass

Recycled glass is glass we have acquired from other studios. We have put together color combinations that you may be able to use in various projects... or when you just need a small supplemental supply of a color. Each bag will be different and will feature colors that will complement each other. The picture will be of that bag's content and may feature textured, opaque, streaked, or transparent glass. Sold either in 1/2 lb or pound bags.

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Recycled Amber1
$7.00  $5.00
Recycled Amber 2
$12.00  $6.00
Recycled Glass Amber 3
Recycled Glass Mauve1
Recycled Glass Mauve 2
Recycled Glass Mauve 3
Recycled Green1
Recycled Glass Blue 1
Recycled Glass Blue 2
Recycled Glass Peach 2